Voices of Middle-earth is a fan blog for The Lord of the Rings Online MMORPG, and is run by yours truly, C.E. Bennet. This blog features art and writing inspired by the game, and Tolkien lore in general, in several unique categories (described below). I try to post something every Saturday, though the category will always vary.

Feel free to contact me with comments, questions, and suggestions. I’ll happily take requests for comics, character portraits, and essays, or link to your LOTRO/Tolkien-themed website or blog!


Voices of Middle-earth

This is VOME’s flagship category. Each entry features the portrait and a perspective piece from a denizen of Middle-earth. None of these characters are from canon lore, nor are they playable characters in LOTRO. This is my way of exploring ideas that wouldn’t necessarily translate well into RP, but still make for interesting character “spotlights” based on the settings LOTRO provides for us.

Sorry, Professor

This is my comic series, which mostly features absurdities I encounter in-game, funny questions I’ve always had about Tolkien lore, and hilarious situations and typos that my friends and I create during RP.

Sparks of Inspiration

This category is a series of essays designed to be roleplay resources for folks RPing in LOTRO. In them, I take a look at the canon lore, and extrapolate on various subjects based on how they might translate into LOTRO RP. I’ll also give general advice and tips for roleplaying in LOTRO.

Spare Parts

Posts that don’t fit into any of the above three categories, but are related to LOTRO roleplay in some way. These might include guides, guest submissions, filler posts, reviews, essays, and any other fun, miscellaneous things I can think to post.


All posts written and illustrated by C.E. Bennet, unless otherwise specified.

This blog uses the Treba WordPress theme.

Background image created by the wonderful and talented Ted Nasmith.

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  1. Woodsong Says:

    I think we’re all in for a very interesting adventure. 🙂

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