Sunny of Hengstacer

October 7, 2019


While I bide my time in anticipation of Strider’s summons, I have been exploring Bree-town’s surrounding environs. Golden wheat glows in the broad fields, and women sing as they thresh. The air is heady with the scent of ripening fruit. So peaceful are these simple, honest lands that even the trees seem content. I could almost forget that we are at war. Almost.

I had rather more of an adventure than I planned today while touring the famous horse farm north of town. A handsome blue roan mare took a great liking to me, and followed me all through the tour! The proprietor insisted that I take her–for a substantial fee, of course. He also revealed to me that the mare is bonded with a dapple gray pony and certainly could not be separated from her, so I found myself handing away roundly more coin than I thought to spend today, or indeed this entire week. I remain mystified by Men and their preoccupation with coin.

I believe I have made the correct choice, though. The mare tells me her name is Sunny, and the pony is Pepper. Sunny is clever and calm, with a gentle gaze and a loyal heart. Pepper is younger, fresh out of foalhood, and a great deal more prone to mischief, as ponies often are. Still, she is excited to be my companion, and looking forward to the road ahead.

Sunny chose her name after the sunflowers she loves to eat. They grow in abundance all through Bree-land, like bright sentinels of summer. I have packed our saddlebags full of them to bring us cheer. Nírya’s power will keep them fresh long beyond their natural span. That is good news for me, too, as I have found myself snacking on the seeds all day.

There is a thoughtless ease to travelling alone, answering no one’s whims but my own. Adjusting to the presence of two new friends will take doing, but it is a comfort to know I will not walk the road alone.


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